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K.A.S.I.A Preschool

Kids Achieving Success In Advance

About K.A.S.I.A Preschool

Where Learning & Creativity Play

K.A.S.I.A Preschool is a creative academic environment for children aged two and a half to five years old where the children grow and learn at their own individual pace. There are three spaces per day available for children to begin their fun and learning at K.A.S.I.A Preschool as young as 24 months.

K.A.S.I.A Preschool is a licensed facility by the Ministry of Education.

About Us

Our Staff



Administrator and owner also registered early childhood educator of K.A.S.I.A Preschool she has always had a passion for children. She has 20 years experience, whether in childcare centres having the opportunity to work with children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years old. She spent 6 of those years working within AMI Montessori school with children ages 2 1/2 to five years of age. She has a plethora of knowledge and experience which are gathered from professional work, independent and formal studies.

After graduating with an early childhood education diploma from Centennial College, she has become a member of the College of early childhood educators and is also CPR certified. 

When not at school,  Kerry-Ann is a devoted mother to her three children Kasia (in which the name of the preschool is inspired), Kalista and Kyzic. 

As a lead teacher in the preschool , her goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy, fun and inviting environment for families in which every child in her care is able to reach new accomplishments, experience new things through learning and play, as well as practical life experiences, build healthy relationships and feel proud of who they are! 


Assistant at K.A.S.I.A Preschool. Born and raised in the beaches, Mira has a strong passion for working with children, the oldest of three girls, at a young age Mira became a nurturer. With a background in musical theater, dance and drama, Mira likes to share her love of the arts with the people around her.


When not at K.A.S.I.A preschool, you can find Mira at home watching Disney movies with her little sister or walking her puppy.

As the assistant at K.A.S.I.A Preschool, Mira’s goal is support and uphold all of the core values of the preschool.


Mira hopes to brighten the children’s day, the same they brighten hers

Our Staff
Our Program

K.A.S.I.A Preschool Program

There are many activities that will enhance the children's fine motor skills, including and not limited to hand eye coordination, strengthening of hand muscles, pincer grasp and many more. We introduce to the children, a plethora of Montessori inspired activities. The children will engage in many different activities from various learning areas such as: cognitive, sensory, nature and science, dramatic area, creative arts. All in a days work, the children will enhance their fine and gross motor skill development, they will express themselves through creative dance, literature, enhance their social development and so much more!


  • Numerous activities influenced by the Montessori philosophy such as: (Nuts and bolts, Screwdriver, Squeezing a sponge, Wringing a cloth, Smelling bottles, Sound cylinders.. and many many more)

  • Stimulating learning centres are established about the center, including creative art, cognitive, dramatic play, blogs, science in the church, music/culture and sensory

  • Hands-on learning experiences help children grasp concepts such as colors, letters, numbers, letters, and sequences

  • Group and individual activities encourage positive social interaction and essential turn-taking and sharing skills

  • Daily language experiences are implemented to promote early literacy and language development

At K.A.S.I.A preschool, we offer a day full of activities. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. Kids learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child’s unique learning style. Whether your child is visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner, our activities will engage and inspire!

Our classroom has many different developmental areas for the children to independently explore or engage as a group.



According to Canada’s food guide, a nutritional balanced meal is important, especially for youngsters. All four food groups will be a part of K.A.S.I.A Preschool’s morning snack program.

Social interaction, grace & courtesy are all essential elements for the child’s development and will be incorporated into the child’s meal time.

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We use the wonderful HiMama App to communicate with families, add photos and  videos  of children engaging  in activities  during programming. Daily reports  provided at the end of each day which include child's participation,  mood, meals, toileting routine and so much more

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Please acknowledge you understand our smoke free policy.



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Please acknowledge you understand our smoke free policy.


Please acknowledge you understand our smoke free policy.




Half Day Program: Monday-Friday 9:30 am-12:30pm
Extended Day Program: Wednesdays: 9:30am - 2:30pm *CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE* 
Flexible Day Attendance: Available Upon Request


*Application Fee:  $100.00

1 Day Per Week:  $130.00
2 Days Per Week:  $250.00
3 Days Per Week:  $360.00
4 Days Per Week:  $450.00
5 Days Per Week:  $540.00

Fees include nutritious snacks daily. 

 Receive a 5% "Sibling Discount"
When registering more than one child from the same family





Wow, What a year my son had at K.A.S.I.A Preschool. Max arrived the first day with separation anxiety but before we knew it Max was a well-adjusted boy. It was all thanks to Ms. Kerry-Ann and staff who provided the tools to teach Max life lessons of confidence and independence. From that point on, Max grew and learned so much at K.A.S.I.A Preschool and soon became a leader with helping younger kids in his class. Even though his time with Ms. Kerry-Ann is over, Max continues to speak of all the things he learned under her caring guidance.

J. Mercier


Our children attended K.A.S.I.A for 2 year. It is an amazing school. Kerry-Ann and Ashleigh are amazing. Kerry-Ann has done an outstanding job of creating an environment that has allowed our children to grow intellectually and socially. We (and they) will always fondly remember their time at K. A. S. I. A.

C. & L. Devine


My daughter spent a wonderful year at K.A.S.I.A. Her language, self confidence and independence changed substantially as she spent more time at the school I cannot say enough positive things about K.A.S.I.A. I will definitely be sending my second child to this school as well.

A. LePiane


While the Fenwick boys are no longer a part of the KASIA family, we are grateful that all three boys had a chance to begin their learning at KASIA, and we know that they are better off having been with you. You have a natural way of teaching the preschoolers, and it is such a wonderful place to learn.  I always loved peeking in just before pick up and watching the boys with you, in addition to watching the cute videos you would send on a daily basis.  You are a beautiful soul and I hope your light keeps shining for many years in our community. 

Balm Family


K.A.S.I.A Preschool has been an awesome experience for my son Kerry-Ann’s style and love of teaching is quite simply the best I have ever experience! Both my kids have developed close relationships with their first teacher Kerry-Ann, and this has set both of them on a path of loving school and loving to learn. I always fell completely at ease leaving my children in Kerry-Ann’s care and believe that they both have had a very special start in their educational journey because of the very special opportunity to be taught by Kerry-Ann. My son and daughter still ask to see Kerry-Ann and always remember the special times they had with their very first teacher. I cannot recommend K.A.S.I.A Preschool highly enough!

V. Lewis


Through K.A.S.I.A, My sons social, language and fine motor skills took a leap in advancement. He loved going to school and he made friends that wants play dates with after the school year finished. Kerry-Ann was forever patient loving and incredibly creative providing an environment where my son flourished and gained a solid foundation for his education.

H. Shapter


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For more information or  to schedule a tour of the school
please feel free to call:



Contact Us by Email at:

65 Glen Manor Drive

In the Beaches Presbyterian Church 

(South of Queen Street East At Glen Manor Drive)
Toronto, ON M4E 2X2, Canada

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